Monopole Reinforcing Elements

Flat Plate Reinforcing
Precision Tower Products works closely with a variety of steel mills to stock, fabricate and supply A572-65 flat plate for structural upgrades of monopoles.  Plate lengths are available in lengths up to 35 feet.  All holes are drilled for maximum tolerances and galvanized to ASTM A153/A153M, A123 or A653 G90 if required.  When needed, the 65ksi splice plates are fabricated to ensure proper field fit-up.  All splice plates are overlaid with their respective flat plate to proof proper fit-up prior to shipment.  Precision Tower Products also provides A36 square shims in thicknesses as low as ¼ inch when working around monopole slip joints, chain mounts or other pole interferences.  Our in house experts can help you determine the most optimal reinforcing layouts to ensure lowest cost and fastest installation times.  For stealth sites or painted poles, Precision Tower Products can provide paint-to-match reinforcing to lessen the visual impact of a monopole modification.

Anchor Rod Brackets
Precision Tower Products fabricates site-specific brackets for jobs requiring new anchor rod installs.  Our brackets are fabricated using our AWS certified in house welders and cut to match the taper of the monopole shaft.  This ensures optimal fit-up for the field crews.  All products are hot-dipped galvanized per the engineer’s instructions.  MTRS and weld inspection reports can be available upon request.

Base Stiffeners / Gussets
For projects requiring new base stiffeners, Precision Tower Products can provide cut and chamfered gussets in grade A36, 50 or 65 depending on the engineer’s recommendations.  The vertical edge of the base stiffener can be cut to match the taper of the pole shaft to ensure optimal field fit-up.  All products are hot dipped galvanized per the engineer’s recommendations.  MTRs are available upon request.

Welded and Bolted Flange / Bridge Stiffeners
If a flanged monopole or pipe pole requires above-ground flange reinforcing, Precision Tower Products can provide both welded and bolted flange stiffeners.   Precision Tower Products will work closely with your firm to determine the proper offsets and gap dimensions for the stiffeners to enable proper field fit-up.  All holes for bolted stiffeners are overlaid in the shop to proof the parts for fit-up prior to shipping to the field.

Monopole Extensions
Precision Tower Products understands the complexities around extending a monopole.  Our in-house engineers and technicians will work with your firm to establish the best solution for installing the extension.  Our team is accustomed to fabricating flanged extensions, ‘stilt-style’ extensions, mouse-hole extensions and even slip joint extensions.  Our in-house certified welders ensure all welded connections will be done to the highest quality and inspected to the requirements of the engineer.